Saturday, July 2, 2016

Esty, all fired up again....

After much delay, my Etsy store is up and running full-steam again. I'm excited that I have a new url for it. It was FeatherMoreStore and it is now ElaineMaisel.  This came about because I was able to snag for my main website. The address belonged to a real estate agent in Hawaii for the longest time. She finally let it go and I happened to catch it. Woot!. With this lucky break, now is a great time for a little bit of re-branding. I've also shifted the name of this blog from feathermore to elainemaisel. The facebook page continues to be FeatherMore for now, but that might change soon as well. I'm tickled.

After much fussing with plain white and black backgrounds that weren't giving me good, consistent color balance in my photos, I turned to this gray burlap that is working well for me.